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Rumba - The romantic music of the rumba contributes to its universal appeal.  It is sensual and seductive; the ultimate dance of love.

Cha Cha - Cha Cha music is catchy, upbeat and playful, making this dance one of the most popular in the Latin dance family. 

Bolero - This lovely and romantic dance combines the sensuality of the Latin hip movement with a rise and fall action.

Mambo - The mambo originates from Cuba and its music combines elements of the Latin and Afro-Caribbean cultures. 

Merengue -  The merengue is danced in march time and is characterized by controlled Cuban motion (a swinging of the hips). It is one of the most popular salsa rhythms.

Samba - The  pulsating samba rhythms originated in the carnival of Brazil. This dance has enjoyed renewed vigor with the popularity of Ricky Martin and other Latin music stars.

Paso Doble - Translating to double step or two step, the paso doble is a representation of the bullfight, with the man as the matador and the lady the cape.

Salsa - Salsa is a club dance version of the mambo with a more relaxed styling which allows the dancer to break on the one beat.

Jive - The jive is a fast swing dance which originated in North America and is characterized by kicks and flicks of the feet..   

East Cost Swing - The most popular of the swing dances, the east coast swing is danced to slower and more earthy music than the jive.

West Coast Swing - The slinky west coast swing is danced on a track (The man dances in the center of the track and leads the lady to either end.) to slower triple rhythm music.

Hustle - Popularized in the disco era the hustle is a member of the swing family with quick, quick timing and a syncopated break.           

 Waltz - Originally a folk dance from Austria and Germany the waltz has evolved into one of the most popular ballroom dances of all time. 

Foxtrot - Without a doubt the most popular and versatile of the classic ballroom dances, the foxtrot originated in America in 1914.

Tango - The passionate tango from Argentina has enjoyed renewed popularity in recent years after being danced by Al Pacino in "Scent of a Woman" and Arnold Schwarzenegger in "True Lies".

Viennese Waltz - The lilting music and fast tempo of the Viennese Waltz make it one of the most beautiful and physically demanding of the traditional ballroom dances.

Quickstep - A child of the jazz era, the quickstep is characterized by bright, happy music, a light-hearted mood and tricky steps. 

Polka - This is a lively dance to fast music and is characterized by a small hop on the upbeat. 

Foxy - The foxy is a traditional slow, nightclub dance loosely based on the foxtrot.    

Night Club Two Step -  This dance is characterized by soft, flowing movement and is danced to soft rock or pop music.

Country Two Step - Danced to country music, this dance is similar to the more traditional ballroom foxtrot. 



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